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Serving both breakfast and lunch, Peppers Pantry is one of a kind with reasonable prices, right in the heart of Cotuit. Nowhere else will you find such quality service and responsive staff.

Mon - Thur 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Fri - Sat 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Sun 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

We are here to serve you and all of you breakfast/lunch needs. Stop by and grab a bite!

4120 Falmouth Rd, Cotuit, MA
phone: (508) 428-7860
(508) 428-7887

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Developing: Search underway for missing elderly man with dementia in Truro
Monday July 22, 2024
TRURO ? The Barnstable County Tech Rescue Team is assisting Truro Police and Fire in searching for an elderly male who reportedly suffers from dementia. The search is centered on Aldrich Road. CWN is checking with Truro Police for particulars on the missing man. The post Developing: Search underway for missing elderly man with dementia in Truro appeared first on
Barnstable County's AquiFund Sees Sharp Uptick In Loan Dispersals Over Year-Long Period
Monday July 22, 2024
BARNSTABLE ? Barnstable County has announced that the Cape Cod AquiFund, a betterment loan program helping residents pay for septic system upgrades or connection to municipal sewer systems, reached a new milestone by dispersing $5 million in loans to homeowners over the past 12 months. Septic system upgrades can cost thousands of dollars for homeowners, [?] The post Barnstable County's AquiFund Sees Sharp Uptick In Loan Dispersals Over Year-Long Period appeared first on
15th annual Big Nick's Ride for the Fallen held Sunday
Sunday July 21, 2024
? CAPE COD ? The 15th annual Big Nick's Ride for the fallen was held Sunday. Over a thousand motorcycle riders made the procession. The event began at 9 AM at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility in Bourne, MA, with a solemn ceremony to remember our heroes. The ride started at 10 AM, proceeding through [?] The post 15th annual Big Nick's Ride for the Fallen held Sunday appeared first on
Sunday July 21, 2024
HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS ? [HN VIDEO NOTES] ? As you will see in the following HN Video, at around 11:30 p.m. last evening, Barnstable Police officers and Hyannis Firefighters responded to a parking lot at the corner of Main Street and Old Colony Road for an unconscious man in his mid-twenties with serious, life-threatening head trauma. According to radio transmissions, it was initially reported to be a car vs. pedestrian crash? but another caller reported that the man had just been jumped and badly beaten. According to sources, Barnstable Police are still not certain what they are dealing with. A brutal attempted murder? A hit-and-run car vs. pedestrian crash? Or some other type of freak accident? One thing is certain, however, the young man was in very rough shape prior to being rushed to Cape Cod Hospital. His injuries were certainly serious and life-threatening. Three of the man's friends were on scene when HN arrived. Nobody actually saw the man being jumped and beat up, according to two of those friends. And according two of his friends, they had all been at Veteran's Beach on Ocean Street when there were allegedly some words exchanged with a group of men also hanging out after hours in the same beach parking lot. According to the two friends, the victim had left the beach with his girlfriend (the third friend at the parking lot scene). And, as the story goes, the trauma victim had been arguing with his girlfriend, somewhere near the intersection of South Street and Ocean Street, according to the two friends. All three of the friends did not witness what had happened to the trauma victim prior to finding him unconscious and bleeding in the parking lot at Main Street and Old Colony Road, according to the two friends. His friends believe he was jumped in the very same parking lot by the men he had exchanged angry words with at the beach. But nobody actually saw it happen, according to the two friends? There was a description of a BMW SUV that was given to investigating officers and later found empty at an undisclosed location, according to the man's friends. The adult male trauma victim was found in a parking lot behind an old, abandoned bank building. It's uncertain whether the cameras on that building were in operation last evening. The old bank appears to be under construction, completely encircled with construction fencing. Across the street is the Comfort Inn hotel. Police spoke with some young women who appeared to be guests at that hotel. It's uncertain what, if anything, they saw. But also, police are interested in the Comfort Inn property because it hopefully has security cameras that were functioning. In fact, investigators will be checking all the buildings in the area for possible footage that will tell them exactly what happened. Several hours later, HN was at the airport staring out at two parked helicopter ambulances, wondering who they were for. The two friends from the crime scene suddenly showed up at the airport in hopes of seeing their friend being airlifted to an off-Cape trauma hospital, according to them. They told HN they had been in contact with the trauma victim's mother, and that their friend was currently in a ?medically induced coma? at CCH and was about to be airlifted. They still both appeared to be in shock.  Both appeared concerned about their friend. And I left their company thinking, why would they know to show up at the airport if they hadn't spoken with the victim's mother? Both of the friends were congenial, well spoken? why would they lie about what they believe happened? about what they say they saw at the beach, when angry words and threats were allegedly exchanged? I could think of no reason to doubt them. (This work makes me skeptical, but hopefully not a ?skeptic.?) HN spoke with a trusted police source and learned the BPD is still actively investigating, waiting to hopefully review video evidence. So, what actually happened to the young man who was found unconscious and fighting for his life behind the abandoned bank at the corner of Main and Old Colony last evening? HN will provide updates as soon as ?the official word? becomes available. Until then, please keep this young man in your thoughts and prayers. The following video is heavily edited but is still very intense. It begins with HN body-cam footage mixed with the initial emergency radio transmissions. It then documents a serious crime scene. Viewer discretion is highly advised. [HN VIDEO ? PRESS PLAY]
Man seriously injured in reported assault in Hyannis
Sunday July 21, 2024
HYANNIS ? A man was seriously injured in a reported assault in Hyannis late Saturday evening. Officials responded to a location at Main Street and Old Colony Road about 11:30 PM. The victim was transported to Cape Cod Hospital under a trauma alert. Barnstable Police are investigating. Further details were not immediately available. The post Man seriously injured in reported assault in Hyannis appeared first on
Barnstable County Fair Returns To Cape Cod Fairgrounds On Monday
Saturday July 20, 2024
FALMOUTH ? The Barnstable County Fair returns to the Cape Cod Fairgrounds at 1220 Nathan Ellis Highway in East Falmouth next week, running from Monday, July 22, 2024 through Sunday, July 28, 2024. The fair, which draws over 80,000 visitors each year, brings an assortment of amusements and attractions, including fair food, carnival rides by [?] The post Barnstable County Fair Returns To Cape Cod Fairgrounds On Monday appeared first on
Vehicle fire slows traffic at busy Mashpee intersection
Friday July 19, 2024
MASHPEE ? A pickup truck caught fire sometime after 4 PM in Mashpee. It happened on Nathan Ellis Highway (Route 151) at Old Barnstable Road. No injuries were reported. Traffic delays were reported in the area until the fire was put out and the vehicle towed. The post Vehicle fire slows traffic at busy Mashpee intersection appeared first on
Sunday Journal ? Sagamore Bridge Funding Finished, County Official Reacts
Friday July 19, 2024
The Sagamore Bridge replacement project has finally reached the funding necessary to get work underway after receiving a federal grant for almost $1 billion. Governor Maura Healey says they'll get shovels in the ground by 2027 and that will create more than 9,000 union jobs, including construction, design, and maintenance. Barnstable County Commissioner Mark Forest [?] The post Sunday Journal ? Sagamore Bridge Funding Finished, County Official Reacts appeared first on
Thursday July 18, 2024
In a media statement today, Cape & Islands District Attorney Robert J. Galibois announced that Lawrence ?Larry? Bland, 60, of Mashpee, was found guilty after a jury trial in the Barnstable Superior Court for his role relating to the assaults and robbery of two individuals in the town of Barnstable. After pending in court for approximately five years and several motions before the court, Lawrence Bland was found guilty by a Barnstable County jury, on Monday July 15, 2024. Mr. Bland was convicted on the charges of Kidnapping (x2), Masked & Armed Robbery (x2), Assault w/dangerous weapon(x2), Assault, Larceny of Property over $1,200, and Larceny from a Building. On June 8, 2019, at approximately 11:32 p.m. p.m., Barnstable Police were dispatched to the Steve & Sue's Par-Tee Freeze ice cream stand on West Main Street, Hyannis, for an armed robbery investigation. Upon arrival the Barnstable Police Department engaged with three individuals ranging from the ages of 17 to 21 years old. It was reported that when the individuals were closing up the business for the night, they were approached by a large, masked male who brandished a small blade knife. The business owner called 911 while watching the robbery via surveillance cameras. One of the individuals fled upon seeing the knife Mr. Bland wielded. Mr. Bland backed the individuals into the property at knife point. Once inside the business Mr. Bland ordered one of the victims to open the safe and give him all the money. Upon doing so, money from the safe was given to Mr. Bland. Once Mr. Bland retrieved the bags of money, he exited through the rear door. Mr. Bland was identified through surveillance video footage obtained by the Barnstable Police Department. The charges stem from an investigation conducted by the Barnstable Police Department. Assistant District Attorneys Michael Giardino, Molly Finn, and victim/ witness assistant Deborah McCoy prosecuted the case for the Commonwealth. Lawrence Bland was sentenced on July 18, 2024, to 5 years committed to State Prison, time served deemed served on one of the assault w/dangerous weapon charges. On the Masked Armed Robbery charges Mr. Bland was sentenced to an additional 12.5- 15 years in State Prison, which starts on today's day, total time sentenced 17.5-20 years, followed by 5 years' probation upon release. Mr. Bland was sentenced by the Barnstable Superior Court. INITIAL HN REPORT FROM JULY OF 2019: YOUNG PAR-TEE FREEZE CLERKS HELD AGAINST THEIR WILL BY MASKED MAN: 55-year-old repeat offender charged with Armed Robbery and Kidnapping? June 11, 2019 | Robert Bastille HYANNIS ? This past Saturday evening ? June 8th, 2019 ? at about 11:32 p.m., a Barnstable Police Detective was requested to assist patrol units investigating an armed robbery at the Steve & Sue's Par-Tee Freeze ice cream shop at 455 West Main Street, according to a statement of facts report filed today in Barnstable District Court. The court documents outline the details of the robbery as follows: three young employees (2 females, 1 male), ages ranging from 17 to 21-years-old, were closing the shop and about to exit the rear door when they were met by a masked man, described as being middle aged and 6'2? tall. [HN Note: An earlier report had the victims as being 3 females. According to court documents, one of the victims' names could be interpreted as either female or male. It turned out to be male; therefore the victims where actually 2 females, 1 male?] The masked suspect was wearing blue latex gloves and brandishing what was described as a ?small bladed knife with a yellow plastic handle.? The masked suspect then allegedly told the young store clerks that it was a ?stick up? and that he wanted all the money. One of the young employees took off running away to safety as the suspect yelled at her to come back. The masked suspect then allegedly forced the two remaining clerks back into the store against their will. The clerks were then ordered to open the store's safe and hand over bank style bags containing about ?$5000.00 to $6000.00 in US Currency.? The suspect then walked out the back of the store and across the parking lot, where he vanished into the darkness in the direction of the nearby Hyannis West Elementary School. Barnstable Police patrol officers arrived shortly thereafter and initiated a K9 track onto the elementary school property, but were unable to catch up to the suspect. Detailed surveillance system images were sent out to law enforcement personnel. The images not only reportedly matched the description provided from the victims, but multiple law enforcement sources positively identified the suspect as being Larry Bland, age 55, of Mashpee. On Monday ? June 10th 2019 ? detectives set up surveillance on Bland at his place of employment. According to court documents, Bland is employed by Weston & Sampson in Yarmouth. A detective later followed Bland into a store and allegedly observed he was still wearing the same red sneakers and dark colored pants that were seen in the Steve & Sue's surveillance video. Detectives followed the suspect as he exited the store, initiating a motor vehicle stop a short distance away. Bland was reportedly taken into custody and a search of the vehicle allegedly yielded a folding knife with a yellow plastic handle. Back at BPD headquarters, Bland allegedly admitted to being in the area of Steve & Sue's the evening of the robbery. According to the report, one of the robbery victim's identified the folding knife with the plastic yellow handle as the knife used by the suspect during the robbery. According to a Massachusetts Criminal History check, Lawrence Bland has had 91 adult arraignments in Orleans District, Barnstable District, and Barnstable Superior Courts. In 1984, Bland was convicted of Burglary in Barnstable Superior Court and sentenced to 5 to 7 years with 5 years suspended sentence, according to documents filed today in Barnstable District Court. In 1991, Bland was convicted in Barnstable Superior Court for Burglary and Assault, and was sentenced to 30 to 40 years. Lawrence (?Larry?) Bland, age 55, of Mashpee, was arraigned today on the charges of Armed Robbery While Masked, 2 counts of Kidnapping, and 3 counts of Assault by Dangerous Weapon, to wit knife. The following HN images show the suspect moments prior to his charges being read in open court. Bland is currently being held on $100,000 cash bail (or $1,000,000 bond) at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility in Bourne. [HN Photos:  Larry Bland, at the request of his attorney, hiding behind a District Court house door during his arraignment?]   P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette music is by The Danish National Symphony Orchestra? [CRANK IT!]  
Mashpee man convicted in 2019 robbery and assault in Hyannis
Thursday July 18, 2024
HYANNIS ? Cape & Islands District Attorney Robert J. Galibois today announced that Lawrence Bland, 60 years old, of Mashpee, was found guilty after a jury trial in the Barnstable Superior Court for his role relating to the assaults and robbery of two individuals in the town of Barnstable. After pending in court for approximately [?] The post Mashpee man convicted in 2019 robbery and assault in Hyannis appeared first on
Victim of Mashpee crash on July 12th passes away
Thursday July 18, 2024
MASHPEE ? Mashpee Police report that a Cotuit man involved in the motor vehicle crash on Route 151 & Old Barnstable Road on July 12th has passed away. The victim was identified as 28-year-old Alexander C. Cincotta. Mashpee police extend their deepest condolences to his family. The crash remains under investigation by the Mashpee Police [?] The post Victim of Mashpee crash on July 12th passes away appeared first on
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