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Serving both breakfast and lunch, Peppers Pantry is one of a kind with reasonable prices, right in the heart of Cotuit. Nowhere else will you find such quality service and responsive staff.

Mon - Thur 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.
Fri - Sat 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Sun 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

We are here to serve you and all of you breakfast/lunch needs. Stop by and grab a bite!

4120 Falmouth Rd, Cotuit, MA
phone: (508) 428-7860
(508) 428-7887

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Rabies Task Force To Distribute Oral Vaccine Baits
Tuesday April 16, 2024
BARNSTABLE ? The Cape Cod & Southeast Massachusetts Rabies Task Force and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services are notifying residents that oral rabies vaccine baits will be distributed across Barnstable and Plymouth Counties beginning on May 6. A federally-owned helicopter will be observable as 75,000 baits are distributed in a zone spanning the [?] The post Rabies Task Force To Distribute Oral Vaccine Baits appeared first on
Applications Open For Seasonal Snack Shack Vendors At Hyannis Harbor
Tuesday April 16, 2024
HYANNIS ? Applications are being accepted for the Town of Barnstable's annual Snack Shack Pop-Up Program at Hyannis Harbor Overlook. Culinary entrepreneurs and food service professionals are being invited to rent the Snack Shack next to the HyArts Artist Shanties from June to November. The rentals are available six days at a time on a [?] The post Applications Open For Seasonal Snack Shack Vendors At Hyannis Harbor appeared first on
Motorcyclist injured in crash in Marstons Mills
Monday April 15, 2024
MARSTONS MILLS ? A car and motorcycle collided in Marstons Mills about 10:45 AM Monday. The crash happened on Falmouth Road (Route 28) between Putnam Avenue and Old Post Road. The biker was transported to Cape Cod Hospital with unknown injuries. Barnstable Police are investigating the crash. Further details were not immediately available. The post Motorcyclist injured in crash in Marstons Mills appeared first on
Saturday April 13, 2024
HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS ? [HN VIDEO NOTES] ? Barnstable Police patrol officers had their hands full last evening shortly after 10:00 p.m. when they responded to the Hyannis Package Store for a report of a stolen purse. According to the woman who called, one of her stolen credit cards had just been used during a transaction inside the liquor store. Police arrived moments later after dispatch received a second call about the woman and her friend causing a disturbance inside the store. Prior to the officers' arrival, the two women had reportedly become impatient about not being able to immediately review the store's surveillance footage. One of the women then allegedly punched and knocked something over on the store's counter, which alarmed the store owner. Which made him temporarily unwilling to cooperate with the women. Once police were on scene, the women and store staff were separated. Officers were then able to check the video footage in order get a description of the person who used the woman's credit card.  (The process of reviewing the 15-minute segments of footage was time consuming.)  A description was eventually put out for a white male, possibly Hispanic, wearing a white hoodie? with a large build. He was seen driving away in a gray colored Chevy Equinox (later updated to possibly being a dark colored Ford Escape). Both women were very upset about the stolen ?purse? and its contents. The purse contained a sum of cash, along with identification and credit cards, according to the women. A woman named Antonette said they were both from the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. She also professed that they were traveling CNAs, staying here locally for a couple of days before moving on to another state. About half an hour into the investigation, the owner of the purse reportedly revealed to police that her 9mm handgun was inside the purse when it was stolen. This, of course, opened up an entirely new can of worms. Police were still investigating the theft at the time of this report. The firearm revelation opened up new questions about the legality of the admitted firearm possession. Was the woman licensed to be carrying a firearm within the Commonwealth? etc. And to complicated matters even more, the other woman with the victim, the one who introduced herself as Antonette, is accused of Disorderly Conduct and A&B on a police officer (a BPD Sergeant assisting on scene). HN did not witness the alleged disorderly conduct and battery. She was arrested, placed in handcuffs, and transported to BPD Headquarters for booking. ?Antonette? was bailed out of jail about an hour and a half after her arrest. In a B.O.L.O. put out to surrounding police departments, the stolen ?purse? is now described as actually being a fanny pack. The firearm is described as actually being a black 9mm handgun. The purse was said to have been stolen from a vehicle in Hyannis while the women were inside a local restaurant. It was bizarre scene. At times, I observed both women raise their voices and become animated about the police officers who had been trying to get to the bottom of things.  (They did not think they were moving fast enough.) The officers were trying to be helpful but first had to have a word with the women about the store's video footage allegedly showing one of them punch something on the store's counter. Both women were calm when speaking HN and others on scene when officers were inside the store examining the surveillance footage. Things seemed calm when HN returned to the news vehicle. And at that point, officers had apparently been working constructively with the women, investigating the reported theft? but then something allegedly happened. Upon walking back to the scene, HN was dismayed to observe Antonette being placed in handcuffs.  What happened? It was a confusing scene? which is still under investigation.  Emotions were definitely high at times.  One police officer said he believes there is likely more to this story? ? and we shall see.  Compared to earlier, both women appeared subdued while walking out of police headquarters this morning.  A handgun had been reported stolen but neither of the two were certain of the firearm's make, according to sources. DEVELOPING. The following HN Video highlights a confusing scene? [HN VIDEO ? PRESS PLAY] P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is brought to you by Olivia Newton-John?  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT! HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]  
Crash leaves vehicle on guardrail in Hyannis
Friday April 12, 2024
HYANNIS ? A crash left a vehicle on a guardrail in Hyannis. It happened on West Main Street shortly after 8 AM. No injuries were reported. Barnstable Police are investigating if rainy weather was a factor. Traffic delays were reported until the vehicle could be pulled off the guardrail and towed. The post Crash leaves vehicle on guardrail in Hyannis appeared first on
Friday April 12, 2024
    COTUIT, MASSACHUSETTS ?  [HN PHOTO NOTES]  ?  One of the vehicles was reportedly believed to be catching fire, with one patient reportedly unconscious and entrapped inside one vehicle, according to radio transmissions.  The two vehicle crash happened at the intersection of Rte. 28 and Santuit-Newtown Road at around 8:30 p.m.  When police and firefighters arrived, it was reported there was no active fire, according to radio transmissions.  The patient from one of the vehicles was transported to Cape Cod Hospital under a trauma alert.  A second patient reportedly had a less serious injury, possibly including a facial laceration, according to radio transmissions.  At the time of this report, none of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening, according to sources on scene.  A member of the sheriff's crime scene unit took photos.  Traffic wasn't too bad as one lane was able to remain open.  Both vehicles were towed.  The Barnstable Police Department is investigating the cause of the crash.
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